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Tailored Elegance, For The Select Few.

Embark on a journey where refined allure encounters surprise within the exclusive circle of Lovelux Bespoke. "Tailored elegance, for the select few," beckons discerning individuals to elevate their lifestyle with a membership that seamlessly integrates curated events, a dedicated concierge service that pampers, and the art of crafting unforgettable moments. In this cultivated sanctuary, relish the luxury of being part of an exclusive circle where every surprise event is meticulously crafted to align with your desires and aspirations. Enjoy the extraordinary without the burden of planning, as Lovelux Bespoke transforms each experience into a testament of your unique taste. Join us in crafting a life where grace meets curated living – a lifestyle beyond the ordinary.



Lovelux Bespoke



Every month

+$29 Joining and Set up Fee

Designed for women seeking captivating and personalized experiences.

Valid until canceled

Token of Appreciation: LL Bespoke canvas tote and tumbler

Welcome packet including an e-card membership

Able to bring one non-member as a guest to 1 annual event

Monthly access to choice of exclusive events for members

Advanced access to general events before sharing to public

One annual personalized event curated for you

One-time travel voucher to kickstart your journey

Access to members-only Luxury self-care packages

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