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Romantic Champagne Bath

Romantic Champagne Bath


Taking a bath (hydrotherapy) can be a healing and romantic experience. Follow a trail of silk rose petals from the bathroom door to your bath. 



Plentiful red silk rose petals (trail from hotel door to bathtub.) Flower garland lining the rim of the tub, when possible, flowers and rose petals floating in tub, LED candles, half-dozen roses in vase, ultimate bath basket, loofah, scented shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, and soap, as well as tulle bags filled with a handmade Champagne soak.  Aromatherapy, a bath tray with sparkling water. delicious treat and glasses included. Champgane bath playlist (guest provides bluetooth speaker)Enjoy!


If you have us decorating while you are out, specify your return time within 15 minutes and we will draw the bath in advance if you wish at no additional cost. Not responsible for injuries and all else related nor temperature depending on arrival time. Warm baths will be drawn, and tub-half filled. Please have bathtub precleaned.


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